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rest_of_tosei's Journal

Rest of Tosei
1 January 1990
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It would probably help if we explained exactly who uses this journal here.

The username is simple to explain - during one of the Peppa Pig dubs, Takase Junta assigned the role of his character's group of friends to 'rest of Tosei,' which was the beginning of our dubbing career. We eventually created a group journal to post things ourselves. You can identify us because we use ourselves as our icons, so here's a quick guide to which one of us is which:

Aoki 1 Aoki 2 Aoki Takehiko
Jin 1 Jin 2 Mashiba Jin
Masayan 1 Masayan 2 Matsunaga Masaya
Maekawa 1 Maekawa Toshihiko
Yuji 1 Yuji 2 Motoyama Yuji
Yama-chaaaaaaaan! Yamanoi Keisuke